A new petting zoo Zoopark opened its doors in Kaunas Mega

A new petting zoo Zoopark opened its doors in Kaunas Mega

On Wednesday, a preopening ceremony, intended for invited guests, of the new zoo Zoopark was held at Kaunas Shopping and Leisure Centre Mega. The opening ceremony was attended by pupils from Kaunas municipal child care home together with social workers, TV presenter Daiva Tamošiūnaitė, designer Indra Kvedarienė, businesswoman Natalija Martinavičienė, organizer of Masters of the Calm festival Mindaugas Vidugiris with his wife and their four children, actress of National Drama Theatre Gabija Urniežiūtė, representatives from Mamyčių Klubas Asta Muralytė with her daughter Antuanetė.

Visitors of the new Zoopark will have an exceptional opportunity to learn about the world of animals up -close – only here you will see rascal meerkats, pet spurred tortoises, play with a flock of rabbits. The colourful lorikeets, which can be had-fed, received particular attention on the evening of opening. These parrots feed on nectar and are very brave, perch on people and communicate friendly with each visitor. In the new educational space in Zoopark, little goats provided great joy for children – children fed them with carrots.

The petting zoo Zoopark – a new unique educational project. “On the occasion of the opening we invited pupils from Kaunas municipal child care home to visit Zoopark. We seek to create the biggest emotional value for everyone, especially those whose life is harder. It is an exceptional feeling to see how children relax, start to take care of animals, feed them carefully, pet them, ask the tortoises how old they are. We will always work for such emotions. I want to stress that it is not a temporary project, thus we will always welcome visitors”, claims VšĮ Zoopark.lt director Aleksandras Gavrilovas.

The new zoo Zoopark is located in the Shopping and Leasure Centre Mega, on the second floor next to the bowling club. Zoopark will provide a possibility to become familiar with exotic animals such as the biggest rat in the world from the Philippines or prairie dogs, also with domestic goats, rabbits, guinea pigs. Children, communicating with domesticated animals from an early age, will learn about variety of nature, to respect and love, to be patient and tolerant. Zoopark will held educational programs, which will encourage a responsible view to animals and their care. Furthermore, animal therapies, helping people with communication disorders, will be organized.

Zoopark welcomes visitors every day from 10 AM to 9 PM.