Channel-billed toucan
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Channel-billed toucan

lot. Ramphastos vitellinus

Toucan – an impressive bird that lives in Trinidad and tropical parts of South America. Toucans can be distinguished by their large beaks. These birds grow up to 48 cm, and the beak – 9-14 cm long. Toucans weigh about 300-430 grams.
Toucans live in forests or woodlands. They prefer humidity, thus, they are generally found near rivers. Toucans mostly feed on fruits, but sometimes try insects, small reptiles, eggs and frogs.

Both parents are active in raising the young. Females lay eggs high in trees, hollows. The gestation period lasts for 18 days, later on both parents incubate eggs for about 15-16 days. However, sometimes toucans are very impatient and often leave their eggs uncovered even for several hours. Hatched toucans are blind and naked, they open their eyes only after about 3 weeks. They have short beaks, and feathers start to grow when they are nearly 4 weeks old. Juveniles are helpless and unable to take care of themselves, they do not leave the nest for about 8 weeks, depending on how much food is brought by both parents.