Rabbits – small mammals, distinguished by their long ears and large front teeth. They live in large flocks in burrows, forests, grasslands, deserts. They are herbivorous, feed on grass, flower seeds and leaves.

Rabbits, depending on the species, may be 20-50 cm long and weigh 0.4-2 kg. The fur is soft, tender, and generally brown or grey, the tail is small.

Almost half of all rabbits in the world lives in North America.

They are hunted by foxes, badgers, predatory birds and other similar animals. Their incredibly large field of vision (almost 360 degrees) allows rabbits to freeze when they see a potential threat and evaluate the danger, they warn other members of the flock by beating the ground. 

They are mostly active during early mornings and in the evening, on average sleep for 8-9 hours a day. They generally sleep with eyes open, guarding from danger.