Rainbow lorikeet
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Rainbow lorikeet

lot. Trichoglossus moluccanus

Rainbow lorikeet – a colourful, friendly bird common in New Guinea and Australia. The parrot was first brought to Europe in 1868.

It is a medium-sized parrot that grows up to 25-30 cm, weights 80-160 grams. Rainbow lorikeet’s head – greenish-blue. The front part of the neck and the belly are dark blue, the sides of the neck – yellow, and the breast – red. Wings, back and the upper part of the tail – dark blue, the lower part of the tail – greenish-yellow. The beak – orange.

The breeding period lasts from August to January. Rainbow lorikeets nest at the height of 25 meters, mostly lay 2 white eggs. Hatched babies are fed and protected for 7-8 weeks by their parents, and having left the nest and after 2-3 weeks, the babies become independent.

Wild lorikeets live in large flocks, enjoy company. These parrots are very friendly, brave, they can be hand-fed! Exceptional feature – diet. Rainbow lorikeets feed on pollen, nectar and fruits.