Zoopark opening in Mega – already on 22nd of June!

Zoopark opening in Mega – already on 22nd of June!

We announce happy and long-awaited news – the opening day of Zoopark is clear! Already from 22nd of June visitors will be able to visit the new leisure area and to get acquainted with all Zoopark residents – small prairie dogs, funny meerkats, and large spurred tortoises. Only here, you will be provided an opportunity to observe the life of animals up-close, feed the colourful lorikeets from hand, hold African hedgehogs and many other attractions.

“We are a socially responsible company, thus, we will ensure the well-being of each resident of Zoopark, and this is the main principle, according to which we will operate,” says Aleksandras Gavrilovas, director of Zoopark.lt, developing the project. All animals kept in Zoopark will be supervised by vets, vaccinated and in good health.

Before the opening, animals of the petting zoo lived in people’s homes, in other zoos, they are used to attention and human contact. The director of the project believes that the idea was born when he was traveling abroad and searching of an active and meaningful leisure that would provide experience and opportunity of education for Lithuanian children.

“We are going to pay a lot of attention to social projects and education by encouraging people to take a responsible look at the care and cultivation of animals. A team of professional veterinarians will take care of our animals, their physical health, and special attention will be devoted to their psychological health,” says Aleksandras Gavrilovas, adding that he aims at socially responsible community and teaching children thoughtfulness. “In our zoo, visitors will have an opportunity not only to play with animals, but also to learn about the diversity of animal world, for example, to pet a prairie dog from North America, to learn about life of toucans, and see ten different parrots. Our task is not just entertainment, but also education. “

Zoopark space will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with exotic animals such as meerkats and skunks, with squirrels, chinchillas or African hedgehogs. “All the animals in the world are interesting and unique, it is meaningful and useful to meet all of them,” says the project director, “we do not want to divide animals into interesting and not interesting, boring and never seen. We will encourage children to respect every living creature.”

We invite you to visit us!