Chinese Pond Turtle

Chinese Pond Turtle

Mauremys reevesii

Conservation status:  IUCN – EN (Endangered); CITES Appendix III.

Geographic range: China, South and North Korea. 

Physical description: This middle-sized turtle grows up to 26 cm long and can weigh up to 800 g. It is visually adapted to blend into a water weed environment and is dark brown and sometimes green. Their strong legs are grey and well adapted for swimming and digging holes. 

Biology: They are semiaquatic turtles – living in water and on the ground, but never straying far from bodies of water. They are mostly active during night time and they are not territorial so can be found together with other individuals. During the rainy season, they are usually found on the ground near the water. The mating season starts in spring. Every year females lay 4-9 eggs.

Lifespan: Up to 24 years.

Food habits: They are omnivores, feeding on worms, insects, tadpoles, fish, snails, crabs, roots, fruit, vegetables, seeds.

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