Giant African Snail

Giant African Snail

Achatina fulica

Conservation status:  IUCN – LC (Least concern).

Geographic range: Africa.

Physical description: This snail earned its name as it grows up to 30 cm long and weighs up to 38 g. The adult snail grows 7-9 cone-shaped spirals and its colour varies from pinkish brown to darker shades with stripes, depending on its habitat.

Biology: This snail prefers hot and humid tropical climates and is mainly found in swamps, agricultural areas and bushes. Like most snails, it can hibernate by digging itself into the ground and can stay in hibernation for up to 18 months. They are hermaphrodites though they still require another snail for fertilization and can’t self-fertilize. 

Lifespan: Up to 9 years.

Food habits: Plants, fruit, vegetables. Sometimes can feed on other snails or mushrooms.

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