Your visit at the zoo is without time limit. Entrance is free to children under age 2. You can get your tickets at the Zoopark counter or here Please read the rules before your visit Zoopark is wheelchair accessible.
Weekends and days off
14€ /Kids, adults
Business days
11€ /kids, adults
Business days
50€ /big family (2+3)
Group over 10 kids schools, kindergartens
9€ /per child
Weekends and days off
60€ /big family (2+3)
Weekends and days off
13€ /Students, Seniors
All week
2€ /Feeding ticket
Business days
25€ /Guided tour
Weekends and days off
35€ /guided tour


Get acquainted with Zoopark rules that we recommend to follow:

  1. Before visiting Zoopark, wash your hands or use a disinfectant at the entrance.
  2. Children under 10 years old can visit Zoopark only with parents or accompanying adults.
  3. The accompanying person is responsible for safety of the group of minors or children and compliance with the rules.
  4. When visiting Zoopark, wear shoe covers, which are available at the booking office.
  5. During the visit at Zoopark, leave outwear, backpacks and large handbags in the cloakroom.
  6. Employees of Zoopark have the right to deny entrance to Zoopatk for persons, if:
    • the person does not agree to adhere to and does not understand the rules;
    • the person’s behaviour may disrupt the order of Zoopark, to pose danger to safety and health of other visitors, hygienic condition, property of Zoopark and/or would contradict the norms of behaviour acceptable in society;
    • the person is intoxicated with alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic or other substances.
  7. Do not leave personal belongings unattended.
  8. Leave sharp and dangerous objects, food at home.
  9. Do not bring your pets into Zoopark.
  10. Take care of little children.
  11. It is not recommended for people who are allergic to animals to visit Zoopark.
  12. Animal cages and paddocks can be entered only with the supervisor of Zoopark or with his/her consent.
  13. Little children may pet animals and hold them only when supervised by adults or employees of Zoopark.
  14. Do not place your face too close to an animal, do not tease and do not scare the animals – it can be dangerous for you and the animal.
  15. Do not lean on cages and paddocks.
  16. Do not run, do not make noise.
  17. Do not wake sleeping animals, do not disturb eating animals.
  18. We recommend to wash your hands after visiting.
  19. Consent of the supervisor of Zoopark to interact with an animal does not guarantee peaceful behaviour of the animal, thus, in any case, make a decision on your own whether to interact with the animal.
  20. The person, who started direct interaction with an animal, is considered to have taken control over it and its management, thus, he/she undertakes all risks regarding possible actions of the animal that can harm the person or minors that he/she represents and supervises.
  21. Remember that even the cutest and the friendliest animal has claws and sharp teeth.
  22. We inform that the territory of Zoopark is photographed and recorded without a separate warning. This audio and video material can be used for marketing purposes.
  23. By signing, you agree that indicated personal data are collected and handled for purposes of visiting Zoopark. Your data will not be transferred to third parties.
  24. We inform that VšĮ is not responsible for consequences of failure to follow the rules. If children do not follow the rules, all responsibility lies with the accompanying persons. Zoopark is not responsible for occurrence of harm and remuneration, which appeared due to failure to follow or improper compliance with the rules, careless or dangerous behaviour of a person.
  25. Animal feeding hours, during which supervisors feed the residents of Zoopark and visitors have a possibility to help, for example, to give cockroaches for meerkats, hand-feed worms to prairie dogs, are provided below:
    • Meerkats – 11 AM, 3 PM, 7 PM, fed with cockroaches, meat, insects, worms.
    • Maras – 10 AM, 1 PM, 5 PM, 8 PM, fed with vegetables and fruits.
    • Goats – 10 AM, 8 PM, fed with compound feed. Visitors can feed little goats at any other time.
    • Prairie dogs – 1 PM, 6 PM, fed with vegetables, fruits, worms.

    Other animals can be fed during all working hours of Zoopark.


  1. Animals can be fed with food purchased only at Zoopark and with the consent of the supervisor.
  2. Do not poke fingers through the net of any paddocks.
  3. Do not use flash when taking pictures or recording.
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